Sichuan hot pot

Sichuan hot pot

Sichuan hot pot

Sichuan-based pot is mainly in Chengdu and Chongqing, unique spicy, hot, fresh and other characteristics,these achievements of the Sichuan hot pot proudly stand in the world’s hot pot forest,As the hot pot is eat quickly and warmly, warmly and warmly, are the best choice in winter for most families.

Practice: other processes
Taste: spicy flavor
Difficulty: Beginner
Number of people: 2 copies
Prepare time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: hours

Cooking material
Ingredients: pork
Accessories: garlic
Seasoning: ginger, garlic, pepper, dry pepper,soy sauce, bean paste, water

cooking steps
1 cut the pork, ginger garlic shoot scattered, chili cut a small section, garlic cut into pieces
2, the pot into the fat pork, stir into the oil,next put pepper tablets into the pot till fragrant
3, add ginger garlic pepper and bean paste to fry red oil
4, add the right amount of water
5, into the salt and soy sauce, and then transferred to the hot pot
6, add chopped garlic, to the pot can be rinse dishes

Hot pot should be a good choice.eating hot food, warm our hand, warm the stomach, it seems the heart becomes good, this hot pot, very simple but easy to meet,is a quick pot.

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