Minced meat beans appetizer

Minced meat beans appetizer

Minced meat beans appetizer,about this dish,i think you will have an appetite to eat as soon as you see this picture.i do not know if i can guess right.but for myself,it is like this.

ok,let’s start,firstly we have to prepare the pork and beans,for the amount,that depends,if many people eat together,then large amount.

1. put 1 tablespoon wine,1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon starch, 1 pound spoon light soy sauce into the minced meat,marinate for 10 minutes.

step 1

2 cut the beans to small

3 green onions, garlic, millet pepper, cut into small

4 put oil in the pot,when it is low temperature,we put the minced meat and Stir fried,add a little soy sauce to adjust the color,then the color will be very beatiful,People will have appetite as soon as they see it.

5 put the cooked minced meat in the plate.

6 put oil again in the the pot,put the step 3 seasonings and Stir fried.

7 put the beans, stir fried as well as adding a little water,not put too much water,or the beans’s color will be not green,we can add a little by a little,then the color will be very beautiful.

8 after the beans is ok,then we add the minced meat,add some salt,stir fried,for a while,it is ok,put it out in the plate.it is done!

Very easy,good looking and delicious Chinese food!

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